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About My Class

So about this blog. It’s really a class in disguise. Yes, it’s the hub for: Brand Tracking Across Cultures: Ethnography of Global Branding in London & Prague.

My class is a three-week cultural immersion course designed to bring culture and branding to life within the context of the global marketplace. I’ve got fifteen students with me along with my fearless assistant, Amanda. My students are from Marquette in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Drake in Des Moines, Iowa. We’ll be in the UK visiting London and Manchester and then it’s on to Prague. The idea is to visit a thriving economic hub and move on to an swiftly emerging market — comparing as we go.

Along the way I hope to introduce students to global culture expanding their cultural sensitivity and knowledge, expose them to hands-on experiences in the global marketplace, and help them learn about global branding within the context of ethnographic methods and branded storytelling.

To learn from the smartest local people I know, we’re visiting Flamingo International to learn about ethnography and when we get to Prague we’ll be visiting the University of Economics. Then we hit the streets visiting ad agencies and tracking brands in local culture. Students will be working in teams tracking brands in three sectors: autos, beers and fashion apparel — hunting for their elusive cultural codes. You’ll find their blogs linked through this site.

Join us on our whirlwind tour and share your comments.

Bon Voyage!


The dynamic duo: Amanda & I



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