Ash Clouds

So how does it work out that all the students make it to London, but the teacher does not?  Ash clouds.

I took the bus to O’Hare today only to find out — after I arrived — that Heathrow was closed due to more ash clouds. So, I hopped back on the very same bus I came down on, with the same exceptionally nice driver, and headed home.  Meanwhile, two hours later, the students on the group flight arrived and waited patiently anticipating the same fate. But alas they fared better then I, and are now someplace over the Atlantic.

United was kind enough as to book me on a 6 a.m. Wednesday flight. Really. Enter Gail Gilbert from our Office of International Education and her sidekick at their travel agency. As of tonight I’m heading out tomorrow and will meet up with my students in London, on Tuesday morning at 9:00. From there, I’ll hit the ground running. In the meantime, my trusty teaching assistant Amanda will keep the show on the road.




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2 responses to “Ash Clouds

  1. Prof Pisarski

    Jean, this will be the only glitch! The rest of the trip will be the delightful and mind-expanding adventure you had hoped for.

  2. Ann

    Oh my gosh – better safe than sorry! You’ll just have to buy another book…………..
    Safe travels – Ann

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