The Beginning of Something Great

Despite all of the travel delays due to the volcanic ash over the UK, we somehow lucked out and our group flight was able to land safely at Heathrow Airport yesterday. So far the students have experienced a whirlwind of orientation activities and are learning how to become savvy Londoners, thanks to our friends at ACCENT.

This morning we heard a fascinating lecture by Colin Love, Teaching Fellow and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Imperial College Business School here in London. He spoke to us about marketing in the EU and showed some examples of effective UK advertising strategies, which the students compared to what they usually see in the US. This afternoon we will learn how to navigate the Tube and take a tour of Central London, our beautiful new neighborhood and primary research setting for the next ten days.

Tomorrow we will begin our first round of agency visits:  more extensive ethnography training at Flamingo International and then a visit to Wieden + Kennedy. And we’re off – look out London, here we come!




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3 responses to “The Beginning of Something Great

  1. Wish I was there. Great work Amanda!

  2. Prof Pisarski

    Jean, I hope this link works for you. It’s a Pew Research study about politics/economy in the Czech Republic. It was just posted today and will provide interesting reading for the group.

  3. Prof Pisarski

    Jean – Here is the NYTimes take on the mascots for the London Olympics. I wonder if it matches what the Londoners are thinking.

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