Accent on London

We wrapped up our London ethnographic brand tracking on Monday. If there was one constant that made our visit a success it was everyone at Accent. Robbie was an extraordinary guide, making London come to life at every turn. Natasa, and her staff, made our time in London delicious on every level.

After more than a week of agency visits and tracking brands in culture the students have become fine fledgling ethnographers — with many thanks to the inspiring words of Alfie and Adam at Flamingo International.

Our agency visits helped us see the sweet spots that underline British advertising. Lucy at Wieden+Kennedy encouraged students to take chances and be willing to make mistakes. Gareth and his team at EuroRSCG demonstrated global branding brilliance with three case studies. Students left with a deeper understanding of global branding — inspired to consider the possibilities for advertising justice with the tck, tck, tck campaign.

Off we went to Manchester to learn about British B2B, from the best of the best at IAS. More on that in our next post.

We ended our time in London making a cultural collage with contributions from each student — none of which could be purchased. Check our their interpretation of the collage in the form of headlines posted in the comment section.

More from the north soon.




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16 responses to “Accent on London

  1. “A sloppy snog with British culture.”

  2. “Cultural emergence”

  3. “Random pieces = random adventures (that end up in random places (at random times))”

  4. “Eclectically Intertwined”

    -Bridget Dolan

  5. “One great adventure, many ways to get there”

  6. “Busy collage, even busier week.”

  7. “London’s fanciful cultural artifacts a.k.a. pieces of rubbish.”

  8. “From ‘TO LET’ to ‘TOILET’…”
    – Yiting

  9. Many pieces, one experience.

  10. Many pieces, one experience.


  11. “A little bit of everything in one place”

  12. “Much more to experience than Fish & Chips.”
    – Lisa

  13. “Exhilarating Exhaustion.”

  14. “Hardly British Debris”

    -Bridget Moore

  15. Katelyn Nolan

    The ‘This and That’ of London

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