Czech Cultural Collage

To conclude our time spent in the beautiful Czech Republic, we made a cultural collage with contributions from each student. Each item represents some aspect of the student’s experience here in Prague – none of which could be purchased. Each student’s interpretation of the collage is posted below in the comments section in the form of a headline.




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16 responses to “Czech Cultural Collage

  1. Lost in Translation

  2. “Ahoj, Czech out Prague”

  3. the senses of Praha
    -Katelyn Nolan

  4. Watch out for that tram

  5. Praha Through Tourists’ Eyes

    -Bridget Dolan

  6. One week in Praha

  7. eating, drinking, listening, riding, playing, learning.

    “The 6 senses of Praha”

  8. Puppy from Praha is working for the environmental sustainability in Pragua!


  9. Miluji tě, Praha!


  10. “Skoda influenced experiences”

  11. My favorite pieces of sh*t


  12. A to B, translate and transport.


  13. Czech out what I found.
    – Lisa

  14. Pieces of Prague
    -Jeannie Slezak

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